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Be a Giver and a Taker

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“Connected educators possess an almost fanatical “pay it forward” mindset, Whereby they become energized not only by giving, but also by receiving help.” ~What Connected Educators Do Differently

One of the most powerful things I have experienced and seen with becoming a connected educator is the willingness of other educators to give help and, in turn, have the confidence to receive help. Sometimes, as educators, it is hard for us to reach out and ask for help when we are at a loss for ideas or when something didn’t go as planned. Twitter provides the supportive environment that teachers need in order to reach out. And, as the quote above states, once you have reached out for help, you are encouraged to give help. It is a beautiful cycle that just keeps going and going.

“Connected educators also promote people-and their ideas-by sharing what they learn from them with their own network.” ~What Connected Educators Do Differently

As a district leader in technology, one of my goals and responsibilities, in my opinion, is to help encourage, promote and support our teachers in their journey to becoming a connected educator. As givers, connected educators help promote people in their PLC, district and school. This is a way of giving back to the profession and other educators. What I absolutely love is the response I get from my PLC when I need help to help another. Meaning, I don’t have all the answers or the resources. So, if a teacher has a question, needs resources or help, and I don’t have the answer, I can reach out to my PLC and get them connected with another person. It is also important to help those new to Twitter build their PLC by sharing what you learn from them by retweeting, liking and responding when they step out of their comfort zone and share.
So, for those of us that are already connected it is important to continue to be givers and takers. Both of those tasks will lead to a wonderful cycle of sharing, supporting and learning. Remember to encourage those new to Twitter by sharing their ideas and connecting them with people in your PLC so that they can begin to make connections. By supporting the “newbies” it will encourage them to continue giving and taking which will also help grow your network.


Author: jeanettecarlson

Instructional Technology Specialist for Bellevue Public Schools in Bellevue, Nebraska.

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