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Who Is Helping You Get Better?

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“Who is helping you get better, or-more importantly-who is inspiring you to want to be great?”

***“What Connected Educators Do Differently” by Jeffrey Zoul (jeff_zoul), Todd Whittaker (@toddwhitaker), and Jimmy Casas (casas_jimmy)

This first time I read What Connected Educators Do Differently this quote struck a chord with me and the second time I read the book, it did the same thing. I have found that the person I have become has been shaped by the people I surrounded myself with in my personal and professional life. In terms of my professional life, I can look back and am reminded of key moments where I was either surrounded by those people helping me become better or by those people that were holding me down. Surrounding yourself with positive, encouraging, supportive and inspiring individuals will help instill these characteristics in yourself. Being a connected educator can you help do this in a very simple way.

Taking the time to seek out and then follow those educators that can bring out the best in me has paid off in dividends. I have been challenged and pushed to try new things. I have been encouraged and supported when I’ve needed help. And I have made a lot of connections that I otherwise wouldn’t have been able to make so easily. Once I find people that will help me get better and/or inspire me to be great, I try and reach out and connect. Many times reaching out through Twitter or other social media platforms will lead to face to face conversations. It is also important for me to make a conscience effort as I move forward with Twitter to review the list of people I am following from time to time. I have to remind myself of the reasons I stay connected and be sure that my list is stilling inspiring me and supporting me.

Before Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other social media sites where around, it was difficult to make and keep these connections. Now, we really have no excuses. It’s as easy as taking a few minutes at night when little ones are in bed, or in the morning before they wake up to help yourself get better and be inspired to be great! Take a few moments today and get connected.


Author: jeanettecarlson

Instructional Technology Specialist for Bellevue Public Schools in Bellevue, Nebraska.

One thought on “Who Is Helping You Get Better?

  1. Great post, Jeanette! This sentence you wrote really spoke to me, “Surrounding yourself with positive, encouraging, supportive and inspiring individuals will help instill these characteristics in yourself. ” Having a PLN on Twitter is having a steady stream of positive people giving you support every day. The benefits of being a connected educator make developing a PLN a good investment of time. Thanks for taking time to share your thoughts!


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